West Virginia Governor’s
Internship Program

Department of Arts, Culture and History
The Culture Center, 2nd Floor
1900 Kanawha Blvd. East
Charleston, WV 25305
304-558-2440 (Phone)


1. When is the last day to apply? 
June 15th, 2023​. 

2. I recently applied to the internship program. Do I now need to send in the two letters of recommendation and my transcripts depicting my 3.0-grade point average?
No. You will only need to bring these required documents if you are called for an interview. The agencies have access to the applications and they will be the ones who contact the students that fit their needs.

3.  What information should be on the letter of recommendation and who should submit them on my behalf?
The letters may state anything pertaining to the student’s work ethic, academic achievements or their goals and aspirations. These letters can be submitted by educators, personal acquaintances or former employers. These will be necessary only if you are called for an interview.

4.  I submitted my application several weeks ago and have not heard from anyone. Will I be granted an interview?
The hiring agency will contact those applicants that match their requirements. We are uncertain as to when they will review all of the applications because they have their own timeline. We encourage you to also apply elsewhere just in case you would not be contacted from one of the agencies.

5.  I am a high school senior and have taken numerous college courses. May I be considered for the internship program?
No. Even though you have taken college courses, you are not eligible for this program. It is for college students that have completed one year or more of college courses in the traditional college setting.

6.  Can I get an internship and receive college credit instead of a salary?
No. These are paid internship positions.

7.  I have a 2.8-grade point average. May I still be considered for this program?
The guidelines for this program do not go below the 3.0-grade point average requirement. You may still apply as a temporary summer employee to an agency, but you will not be considered for this program.